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Thread: Asset R7.0 [All Platforms]

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    Asset R7.0 [All Platforms]

    Asset R7 offers many new features and a new database design to overcome previous issues with more than 5 artists/genres/etc for a single track.

    Windows Vista is the minimum supported version for the Windows line of Asset (XP no more), also the Windows Home Server versions will not be updated any more for the same reasons.

    Changed license model so no free version

    When purchasing new licenses, there is now a Universal platform option, instead of single platforms, also the new license allows installation on 5 platforms.

    Existing Asset license owners can upgrade to the 5 platform / multi-platform license by follow the offer link on their Asset download page.

    Full Change Log

    New database design, unlimited multiple artists, genres, etc
    Changed license model so no free version

    Added support for 'Work', 'Movement Name' and 'Movement Number' (itunes classical tags), can browse by Work, and will replace title with Movement Name and Track number with Movement Number.
    New browse tree item: Additional\Composer / Work\Work
    Added Frequency and channels to default browse tree
    Album art if larger than 2000x2000 then scaled to 2000x2000 (for speed and compatibility)
    Added composer supplied in Didl
    uMediaLibrary: cleaned up picture handling (webp is now supported),
    better integrity of filenamehash stuff - save in mid scan so it resumes where it died last time
    For control points which use Search to do album listings, the track order is based on track number
    New option on by default 'Album defined by folder' this means an album is unique to its folder it resides in
    Added crash reporter
    Added new possible browse tree item 'Album By Release (INV)' for an inverted listing, newest releases first
    Updated DSF and DFF presentation to audio/dsd (which Sony require)
    Codecs support HTTPS streaming (internet radio requires)Search speed optimizations
    Multi Artists and Album Artists supplied as Artist1; Artist2 (as nothing adheres to the correct standard)
    Browsing File & Folder will show upstream art now for all folders
    Returns object.container for many dynamic folders to ensure track listing with art
    Adds upstream art to 'Top Artists' entry
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