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Thread: Can't access Asset 6.7 from QNAP NAS

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    Can't access Asset 6.7 from QNAP NAS

    Hi there: I had Asset installed on my qnap NAS and it has always been flawless for me. But recently it disappeared from my HEOS and I was no longer able to reach the configuration page from the qnap NAS. I reinstalled and it is now visible to the HEOS< but I can't get to the configuration page because it keeps saying the site can't be reached. I have fiddled with the secure connection options on the NAS, but I can't get this to work.
    I would dearly love to get this to work.

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    Re: Can't access Asset 6.7 from QNAP NAS

    Do you have any security software on the NAS?

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