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Thread: first. newbie questions

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    first. newbie questions

    Hello users. I'm new to ripping and have a pre sales question. I want to do simul rips on a windows 10 PC with multiple internal readers installed.

    Can batch ripper do this in a straight forward way? I'm looking for the readme on this specific task. Is there one available? Where? I can't find any.

    Also, I read here about the drive offsets. Is this an automated detection-and-set process done by dbPoweramp or must I ascertain the spec of my drives and set for each accordingly?

    Is the software multithreaded so it can rip discs simultaneously? Or, does it rip in a consecutive order?


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    Re: first. newbie questions

    The drive offsets, you would first setup accuraterip using CD Ripper, later you can use Batch Ripper, it will do as you require. Install it and see the help file which is shown after install.

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