For several months it has been noticed that the batch ripper is causing more and more problems with a Nimbie.
We are very sure that this is due to the Windows 10 updates.
If the Batch Ripper is started, the system often hangs on "Loading CD ..."
Restarting the computer and Nimbie will help again for a few hours.
In the last 4 weeks every hour had to be resetet.
Since the current build 2004 it is no longer possible to work.
The Nimbie no longer loads a CD.
The commands in the Batch Ripper Configuration will not work.

Acronova has a tool (BS Utility) that checks the Nimbie (Loading, Unloading ...).
This works very well.
Also the Tool QQGetTray works fine.

We have numerous PCs to test and two nimbies.
The problem increases as the Windows Buildnumber increases.
Unfortunately, because the system requires the Internet, it also makes its forced updates.

Please help.
The German dealer also confirms the problems with Windows 10 updates.

Windows 10 Pro Build 2004, Batch Ripper R4, Driver v6