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Thread: Asset UPnP with Aries Mini

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    Oct 2018

    Asset UPnP with Aries Mini

    A search for Aries, Aries Mini or Auralic did not return any results on the Forum, so this request might be "old news" and "basic".

    Rather than use the Auralic Lightning DS app requiring a minimum of iOS 11, is it possible to use Asset with a recently acquired pre-loved Aries Mini, to save investing in Apple?

    If so, is there a recommended control point app to use, as the Asset Control app is no longer avaailable. Preference is for an Android app.

    All advice much appreciated.

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    Re: Asset UPnP with Aries Mini

    Asset should work fine. You can use the BubbleUpnp app for Android. There is a trial period for it I believe. It's quite inexpensive and works very well. I've had it for a few years.

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