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Thread: Asset Upnp - Synology Upstream Artwork

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    Question Asset Upnp - Synology Upstream Artwork

    Hi all,

    I purchased and installed Asset R6.6 in volume2 of Synology DSM6.2.3. I want to use upstream artwork and checked here:

    Allows user to replace upstream art, add to folder %appdata%\dBpoweramp\uMediaLibrary\AssetUserUpstre amImages\ for example can add image 'New Order.png' to replace the artist shown image for New Order, or if an artist name likely to be used elsewhere in the tree, can specify the whole shown browse path:

    Artist&+&[N..]&+&New Order.png

    However, I can't find the "%appdata%" folder and only identify the following related path:


    What is the path for putting the artist image in Synology ? Please kindly help.


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    Re: Asset Upnp - Synology Upstream Artwork

    To determine where Asset profile data is stored - applies to all of Linux/QNAP/Synology Asset with web interface:
    Enable debug logging, Apply.
    Open either debug log.
    Look for a line beginning with "Asset data location:", near the beginning of the log. Profile location will follow.
    Disable debug logging when done.

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