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I recall a discussion you had with another person on here regarding leading whitespace on iTunNorm tags which is what lead me to my post but I didn't have any luck in finding the old discussion. It was probably years ago but the main point of the original poster was that the leading whitespace was not getting detected by iTunes' Sound Check. Are you certain that a leading whitespace won't disrupt the Sound Check process?
I have leading whitespace on all my iTunNorm tags, and iTunes is recognizing the soundcheck values from these tags. So it seems the leading whitespace is not an issue. And mp3tag is also producing the iTunNorm tags with leading whitespace, and I know they updated their software to correct another issue with iTunNorm tags a while back. The fact that both dbpa and mp3tag produce iTunNorm tags with leading whitespace, and that itunes still picks up the SOUNDCHECK value in my mp3 files, tells me that there is no problem with the leading white space.