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Thread: Custom & Fixed Value Tags

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    Custom & Fixed Value Tags

    Upgraded to 17.1 recently and noticed some slightly rude behavior in Custom & Fixed Value Tags in that sometimes these values seem to get saved to disk and other times they don't. They stay consistent as long as the program is open but revert back to an earlier session if closed and reopened. To give more detail, I have a custom tag called "RipDate" where I enter today's date before each ripping session. In the past, with ver. 16.x and earlier, the date remained consistent between sessions and all I had to do was update it once each day before I did any ripping. Now I have to update it each time I start a session, even if it's later in a day where I've already put the date in. Not major, but still a mild irritation.

    While we're on the subject, I also wish I could enter something in this field that would update it automatically with today's date every day without having to remember to go into options and change it. I'm getting along in years and they say the memory is the first thing to go. It's not, incidentally, and we won't get into that, but it's up there. Something like "Format(Date("YYYY-MM-DD")." That's been on my wish list for a while.

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    Re: Custom & Fixed Value Tags

    OK, today I set the value for the custom tag, ripped a CD and it used the new setting. The second CD I ripped reverted back to yesterday's setting. I didn't close the program between rips.

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    Re: Custom & Fixed Value Tags

    How are you setting the custom tag value? it should be under CD Ripper Options >> Metadata & ID Tags, at he end of the list for setting a custom value.

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    Re: Custom & Fixed Value Tags

    Yes, then Add Custom Tag under Custom & Fixed Value Tags. From there I have to set the date each day for my custom tag. Today it kept the last setting from yesterday as expected. The first few days after installing the upgrade, it appeared to not keep the last setting, but to revert back to an earlier one even if I closed the program and reopened it immediately. That happened three or four times. I've changed the date a few times today, then closed and reopened the program, and it hasn't exhibited that behavior. May never happen again, but I'll monitor it for a few days and report back what I find.

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    Re: Custom & Fixed Value Tags

    OK, my mistake. I'm sorry if I took up much of your time in troubleshooting this. What's happening is that my custom tag with today's date changes between profiles. I had forgotten that was the case in version 16. It had been awhile since I'd ripped any discs and I was trying out the new version. I suppose that is by design, so I was in error in reporting it as a flaw. But it is valid reason to be able to put a script as mentioned above into a custom field so that it is constant across profiles. My 2.

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