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Thread: Image Converter OSX

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    Apr 2002

    Image Converter OSX

    Updated To R1.6

    Batch Converter visual updates
    Batch Converter bug fixes
    Multi Encoder allows shared file naming
    Mac OS Yosemite compatibility fixes
    Better error message if additional codecs cannot be autoinstalled

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    Apr 2002

    Re: Image Converter OSX

    Updated to Release 2

    Supports ARM M1 processors.
    New dsp effect: preserve EXIF tags
    New optimize option for PNG encoder, creates smaller PNG files
    Removed false reported [info] errors
    Relaxed dynamic naming requirements, so now possible to convert to [origpath]\folder (to convert cover.png to folder.jpg) as an example
    bug fix: removed jpeg converting error about decoding app fields
    Added new Crop DSP effect

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