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Thread: CD Ripper BIG slowdown and title duplication

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    CD Ripper BIG slowdown and title duplication

    Good Morning All,

    I have been using the Ripper for several years and never had a problem, BUT ...This morning the first disce I ripped, did so at regular speed but when I checked the result in my W-10 Music file, all the song titles were duplicated (with one set numerically out of order). The next cd I tried to rip only got to 1.5X speed, And seemed to cancel the rip 2/3 o the way through the album. The third cd I tried to rip again AGAIN only got up to about 1.5X speed; I allowed it to complete the entire album, then checked it in my Music file. And again, every track title was duplicated.

    BTW -- I am using JRiver for my library and player functions but never for ripping cd's.

    Help, Please. Hope you all are well.



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    Re: CD Ripper BIG slowdown and title duplication

    The CD drive its self decides the maximum speed it can rip at, it could be the drive is failing if constantly a slow speed.

    As far as the duplication, check the actual filenames that JRiver is pointing to, to see what is going on.

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