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Thread: Swapping metadata between machines

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    Swapping metadata between machines

    So I manually enter all the metadata on one PC and start the rip.
    A couple of tracks may fail to rip securely , polish disk retry,
    Often down to one track that won't rip.

    So having a multiple licenses I try my mac or another desktop PC.
    Issue is I have to manually re enter all the meta data.

    Can the metadata editor where there is already a button for smart capitalise have an export/import button. Or save info to cd.ini?
    It is a real pain having to keep re trying or cut and pasting everything.
    Ideally I would like to keep all my manual edits on a NAS, a shared file or db of my manually created metadata.

    what's the best way to achieve this?

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    Re: Swapping metadata between machines

    I do not know there is an easy way to share between machines.

    You are perhaps best getting a few CD drives for 1 machine which can try to re-rip the difficult discs.

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    Re: Swapping metadata between machines

    That is what I do. I have an internal blu-ray burner on my PC, and a USB DVD writer, and another USB Blu-Ray burner in case the internal drive fails on one or more tracks. Usually, between the 3 drives I can get all tracks ripped successfully.

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