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Thread: Stuck on Re-Rip in Rip Status

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    Stuck on Re-Rip in Rip Status

    When I did it the first time, it all came out as inaccurate. So I changed the setting to secure, and this time it's stuck on the first track, saying "Re-Rip [37433 frames]" for Rip Status.

    Does it normally take that long or should I try to start over?

    I just noticed that the number went down to 37431 frames, which means only 2 frames went down in a few minutes.

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    Re: Stuck on Re-Rip in Rip Status

    If there are that many bad frames, something is wrong. That's like every frame on the track. Either the CD is really defective, or the drive offset was never set, or something. Kill the rip and try again, preferably with a different CD. One or two bad frames, even if re-ripped badly, you'll probably never hear. a dozen or more, be suspicious. Anything over 100 or so, you should probably forget it. BTW, if you are using the Widows version, make sure C2 pointers are turned off in the secure settings. Many drives, it turned out, claim to support c2 but really don't.

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