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Thread: Backing Up FLAC files

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    Backing Up FLAC files

    I am not sure where to post this. How can I back up my FLAC files onto an external hard drive?
    I am going to change my internal hard drive so I would like to find some recommendations.

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    Re: Backing Up FLAC files

    just copy them over to the new drive like any files, using the normal software on your computer (e.g., explorer in windows). Nothing special needed. If you want to backup to another drive and only pickup differences, I use (for windows) "freefilesync".

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    Re: Backing Up FLAC files

    I will do that. Thank you

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    Lightbulb Re: Backing Up FLAC files

    Hi FP,

    I use a paid-for s/w called "Beyond Compare" made by ' Scooter'. I have found it to be very thorough and reliable. There's no hidden bloatware and it doesn't hijack your PC either.

    I purchased it for around $20.00 about 5 years ago.


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    Re: Backing Up FLAC files

    Hey FuturePhantasy,

    if you use a Windows system the easiest and cheapest way is to use the internal Windows command "robocopy", which Microsoft uses itself for several backup job. The command has a lot of options to specify how to copy and synchronize a source and a destination. Here is one of my typical command lins:

    robocopy "c:\my_source_folder" "c:\my_destination_folder" /MIR /NFL /NDL /NP /R:0 /W:0 /DST
    This command synchronizes all files and folders in the folder "c:\my_source_folder" with the files and folders in the folder "c:\my_destination_folder". Files or folders, which are in the source but not in the destination, will be copied. Files or folders, that are in source and destination, but newer in the source will be overwritten (i.e. if you have updated metadata in your source files). Files or folders, that are in the destination, but not in the source, will be deleted. The comparison of the timestamps will take the summer time into account.

    You can store that command line in a batch file (text file with the extension .bat) and execute that batch by just double clicking it.

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Backing Up FLAC files

    I use SyncBackFree to backup files and folders from external drives to external drives and NAS drives. There is a paid version that does versioning, if you are interested in keeping old versions of files.

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