when I try to convert a TIF to JPG or PNG then I get following error message:

Error converting to JPEG, 'L:\2_Vertrieb\60_SalesSupport\05_Bilder\06_Tools\ ersa Loetkolben\0100CDJ_Spitzenschnittbild_neu.tif' to 'L:\2_Vertrieb\60_SalesSupport\05_Bilder\06_Tools\ ersa Loetkolben\0100CDJ_Spitzenschnittbild_neu.jpg'
Error while decoding stream *0:0: Not yet implemented in FFmpeg, patches welcome
Nothing was written into output file 0 (L:\2_Vertrieb\60_SalesSupport\05_Bilder\06_Tools\ ersa Loetkolben\0100CDJ_Spitzenschnittbild_neu.jpg), because at least one of its streams received no packets.

What's wrong?

Best regards,