I'm playing around with Asset UPnP deciding if I want to shell out for it. As a little background, I mostly manage my library in iTunes on a Mac, but then use a shell script to sync the library to my QNAP NAS, which includes exported playlist files from iTunes (which all gets shoved into PLEX for now, including the playlist data, so that PLEX mirrors my iTunes library pretty well).

I've adopted this script for Asset, copying the m3u8 files and , but I'm having issues with Unicode where I have a file that doesn't work, seemingly because it includes the 'ñ' character. This is the only track that doesn't seem to work. I get no album art in the playlist track list on my phone, and my streaming box (CXN V2) simply fails to play it. Playing the track through the album listing is fine.

*EXTINF:175,Mimi & Richard Fariña - Sell-Out Agitation Waltz
/share/CACHEDEV4_DATA/Media/Music/Mimi & Richard Fariña/Reflections In A Crystal Wind/06 Sell-Out Agitation Waltz.m4a
I checked the file after it was copied to the NAS using the 'file' command and it reports that the playlist is UTF8, where /Volumes/Media is the network share:

/Volumes/Media/Music-Playlists/Restaurant Massacre.m3u8: M3U playlist text, UTF-8 Unicode text
So at this point this seems like a possible Unicode bug in Asset? Anything I should be trying short of stripping the Unicode from my file paths?


Also, a couple other things:

  • BUG: Can't use the User Rename List to rename Playlists. It ignores it. If I go extreme and do something like "FunkyTown**Playlists" in the raw browse tree it will rename it, but then won't have any content.
  • Feature Request: I'd love to be able to use the User Rename List to customize how node names get formatted beyond just a sort of search/replace, done right, this could effectively replace the toggles that enable hardcoded versions of the same thing in many cases. An example would be something like:
    format:=Album By Release:={Album} ({Year})
  • Nit: No icons for Playlists, Year or Folder items. Makes the root feel a little incomplete.

The first two items on this list I think would really help polish things for the sort of control that's offered.