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Thread: Opel Adam Infoteinment

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    Unhappy Opel Adam Infoteinment

    Good Evening,

    I just started to use dBpoweramp to rip CDs to play in my car.
    Since my Opel Adam Infotainment sound equipement reads .aiff, I created this format since it is loseless.

    Aiff music created with other programmes has always been read and played.

    Aiff tracks created with dBpoweramp cannot be read: the first time I try to play it, the sound system reads only the cover picutures and does nont see any audio trak.

    The sencond time i try to read the USB key, the sound system returns the message that the device is not valid and it showes nothing.

    Can anyone help me please?

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    Re: Opel Adam Infoteinment

    Try removing the album art from the file, then see if plays. If it does, then the size of the art it too much for the player (some players cannot play if the audio does not start in the first X bytes of a file, which is obviously a fault in the player).

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    Re: Opel Adam Infoteinment

    I tried to create files by first deleting art downloaded from the web but still no result ...

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    Re: Opel Adam Infoteinment

    Hey Alex,

    I think it's best to contact Opel to get the necessary infos, which format with which rstrictions their infotainment system can handle. Unfortunately car audio systems are often very limited and sometimes even dumb. I've made my experiences with my Audi car audio system.

    Aside from that: it is discussible if one can hear any differences in sound quality in a noisy eviroment like a car, which makes it necessary to use a lossless codec vs a lossy codex like mp3. I for myself have a nice audio system in my Audi, have damming glazing, but while driving I don't hear a difference between mp3, CD or other lossless codes.

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Opel Adam Infoteinment

    I will try to rethrive informations from Opel but the curious thing is that the same type o files created by another programme are perfectly played!

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    Re: Opel Adam Infoteinment

    Mp3 rips the sound. To rip in the sense of what Jack the ripper made to his victims. Thus mp3 makes to sound. I will try another way to play Aiff. I will try to use dBpower to create WAW then converting it to Aiff vith music converter or another programme ...
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    Re: Opel Adam Infoteinment

    I wonder wether the difference between ".aif" and ".aiff" may cause this problem. I am just going to try this way ...

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    Re: Opel Adam Infoteinment

    Problem solved! The problem was actually that my car audio equipment recognizes only .aiff files and not .aif ... stupid computers!

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