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Thread: New Drive Not In Database, Is It a Bad Drive? (Confusing Key Disc Errors)

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    New Drive Not In Database, Is It a Bad Drive? (Confusing Key Disc Errors)

    Using a new ASUS BW-16D1X-U and realize it's not in the database. Started the process of sequentially going through all of the CDs to be ripped (100's) and consistently get the "multiple pressings" error.

    Finally had a CD generate this message, "AccurateRip needs to verify the offset generated, for this it needs 3 key Discs that give the same offset, please insert another 'Key Disc'. [Calculated offset value: +6 samples, +24 bytes.]"

    Great, I thought, I just need two more discs with a single pressing. After trying several more CDs, found one that produced this message, "AccurateRip will not key to this offset as it miss-matches the drive database offset. [Calculated offset value: +6 samples, +24 bytes.]" Have found a few more CDs that produce the same error. Even if I put the first successful Key Disc in I now get this error!

    1. Does this mean the drive is producing inconsistent Offset values?

    2. I'm assuming that the error "miss-matches the drive database offset" is referring to the first Key Disc that was acceptable and that my new drive is in some limbo part of the drive database, waiting for two more Key Discs that compute the same offset values. Is this understanding correct?

    3. What is the meaning of "Calculated offset value:" samples & bytes? Are they always "+6 samples, +24 bytes" or is there a correlation to +6 samples and a Correction Offset value of +6 in the drive table?

    I have no problem sifting through more CDs trying to find another valid Key Disc unless the errors suggest there is something wrong with this drive and it will not produce consistent offsets.

    Really appreciate any insights or suggestions.

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    Re: New Drive Not In Database, Is It a Bad Drive? (Confusing Key Disc Errors)

    1. No, you have different pressings of CDs

    2. You need 3 matches

    3. Yes

    You just need to feed more CDs.

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