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Thread: Question, before something goes wrong

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    May 2020

    Question, before something goes wrong

    Hello, i only would like to know before i do something wrong and then my file stucture could be damaged.

    Situation is as so:
    - USB-Stick - Fat32
    - about 450 Folders (CD) with audio files, mostly .flac
    - Some folders contains some .mp3 and some .m4a

    I would like to convert the .mp3 and .m4a to .flac

    Is it possible to overwrite the existing files? I don't like to have the new converted files with the older .mp3 and .m4a beside

    Or, output the converted files to a new directory, but how to put them back to the stick and than delete the older .mp3 and .m4a

    How to? What must be the best way to have all selected files as .flac and kep their place in the filestructure ...

    Thank a lot

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    dBpoweramp Guru
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    Feb 2014

    Re: Question, before something goes wrong

    Hey Mischu,

    why do you want to convert mp3 to flac?

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Question, before something goes wrong

    seems like the easist thing to do is to do the batch convert, converting all mp3 and m4a files to FLAC. Then afterwards you can use a single command to delete all the *.mp3 and *.m4a files inside those same directories and subdirectories. Then all mp3 and m4a files will be gone and the flac replacements will be left in place.

    p.s. I agree with Dat Ei....why do you want to convert lossy files to FLAC. It just makes them way larger and doesn't change the actual audio content at all. (and also later on, you'll have flac files you *think* are flac files but they are really just mp3 files inside a flac container.)

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    Re: Question, before something goes wrong

    Why do you convert mp3 to flac?

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