Ok I have been trying to figure this out for a while (also tried "foobar") but just can't seem to get the subfolder containing album art to be included in the conversionl

I have no problem converting my flac files to mp3 and including the folder.jpg, cover.jpg USING: (sourcepath\sourcefilename), "add DSP effect "folder.jpg preserve" etc.

BUT I would also like to include the subfolder titled "album art" into the converted mp3 folder.

Example: Say I have a folder called "Rock Songs" containing My Flac files C:/Music/Rock Sons. Say this folder contains 8 flac songs and another folder titled "albumArt" which contains the book covers etc as .png.

IS there a way to include this subfoler in the converted mp3 folder with dbpoweramp?

Thanks for any help or direction.