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Thread: Update instructions for AssetUPnP on raspberry Pi

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    Update instructions for AssetUPnP on raspberry Pi

    Hi, I'm a premium owner and over the years have wanted to do updates. Because I'm a Linux/Unix newbie, I've always taken a new flash drive and installed a new version following the instructions you've posted. Have you ever posted instructions on updating an existing version? I think I would find that really helpful. You could possibly combine it into your install instructions?

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    Re: Update instructions for AssetUPnP on raspberry Pi

    I just extract the contents on my Windows machine, in a folder. Remove the items In the bin folder that I don&*8217;t want updated (the icons folder for instance), then log into my RPi2 navigate to the Asset bin folder, then replace the updated executable.
    This retains all my settings & custom modifications to the Asset configuration.

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