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Thread: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows & OSX]

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    dBpoweramp R17 [Windows & OSX]

    This new release features many enhancements, it is 20% faster on multi-core machines and is future-proofed through handling 64 cores. A new DSD encoder is included as standard (Reference), as well as many previously optional codecs, which are all updated to the latest releases. A new Quick Convert right explorer right click menu is a welcome addition to those who have many conversions to run a day, skipping over the codec options page, saving time. CD Ripper gains a manual metadata search page, de-emphasis CDs handling and improvements to metadata searching.

    Full Changes: [Windows] [OSX]

    Existing registered users to upgrade visit the offer link on your registration download page: http://www.dbpoweramp.com/registration/
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    Re: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows & OSX]

    Updated to R17.1

    Maintenance and feature updates

    Full Changes: [Windows] [OSX]

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    Re: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows & OSX]

    OSX Updated to R17.2

    Change log OSX

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    Re: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows & OSX]

    Windows dBpoweramp Updated to R17.2

    Change Log:

    Ensures only codecs for dBpoweramp loaded, previously caching could make dBpoweramp use PerfectTUNES codec
    FLAC Encoder: extra error logging details
    CD Ripper: quicker at processing metadata album art once retrieved from online
    Ogg Vorbis updated to Ogg v1.3.4 Vorbis V1.3.7
    Shell installs right click icon for dBpoweramp Batch Convert and dBpoweramp Edit ID-Tags
    Tag Editor: when move between files with arrows, it reselects the same tag previously editing
    Installer removed older install program to remove propertyhandler on XP (XP is no longer supported)
    Batch Converter: if drag drop audio tracks from file explorer they are automatically selected, drop a folder and it is automatically chosen
    Bug Fix: Salamander Window Manager passed an invalid Window handle which dBpoweramp was trying to center on
    Bug Fix: CD Ripper - title at the top would not show correctly in all resolutions when ripping
    Bug Fix: Flac, Ogg, Opus and m4a can now store disc and track count only without the corresponding disc or track number
    Bug Fix: Music Converter - renaming a file before conversion with List & Rename was not working correctly
    Bug Fix: Batch Ripper was showing CD Ripper page always for each disc ripped
    Bug Fix: Control Center: label if cannot connect was incorrectly shown

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    Re: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows & OSX]

    Windows dBpoweramp R17.2

    The property handler has an issue where it will not supply details for Windows, to bypass the issue run dBpoweramp Control Centre >> Advanced Settings

    Uncheck the option 'Inprocess tag reading'

    Restart Windows

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    Re: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows & OSX]

    OSX Release 17.3

    Native compatibility with Apple M1
    Made possible to enter CD drive offset manually even if it's been configured before.
    Edit ID Tags: cycling files with arrows preserves the selected field.
    CD Ripper / Multi Encoder improvements, disabled naming options that make no sense.
    Attempted workaround for ReplayGain scanning crash.
    New CAF decoder.
    Fixed CD Ripper manual meta search on old Mac OS versions.
    Added icons for effects.
    Fixed failure to encode FLAC with very large album cover tags.
    Fixed failure to convert when source files are momentarily locked by another program.
    Fixed Wave64 tagging bug.

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    Re: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows & OSX]

    Release 17.3 Windows

    New Low Pass filter code, does not attenuate lower frequencies
    New DSP effects: High pass, and Bandpass filters
    wavpack updated to 5.4.0
    CD Ripper: Added Catalog * to the new tags list. Also sorted the list.
    CD Ripper: Added secure option to mark track as error 'if not verified by accuraterip'
    CD Ripper: filename column - if multi encoder then says for each track {multi-encoder cannot show filename}
    CD Ripper: will show error if try to use Multi Encoder with '[sourcexxx]' naming elements
    ID Tag Processing DSP: 'delete all' and 'all except' actions are removed for naming processing
    Tag editor when choosing art from internet, if does not have album title then track name is used instead
    Multi Encoder: removes the 'As Source' naming options multi-encoder naming selection
    ID3v2 tags: updated itunescompilation field handling, supports multi-value TLAN + TPUB
    APEv2 tag: properly remove multiple album art entries

    Bug fix: property handler and thumbnail provider would not read the tag if inprocess tag reading was checked
    Bug fix: Choosing After Conversion >> 'shutdown / hibernate / etc' would not happen unless 'skip finish' as also selected
    Bug fix: can write DSD tags when ripping to ._ files
    Bug fix: CD Ripper: ID Tag processing DSP effect was not being used to pre-process the ID Tags when creating filenames with [Multi Encoder]
    Bug fix: Music Converter: ID Tag processing was not being used for Multi-encoder

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    Re: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows & OSX]

    Release 17.4 OSX

    El Capitan minimum version
    Added multi-checkbox selection in Batch Converter filters dialog.
    Improved sorting behaviors in Batch Converter. Files are previewed converted in order they appeared in Batch Converter view.
    Bit Depth DSP: Fixed missing 32-bit float mode.
    Changed Multi Encoder semantics!
    REMOVED "use parent settings" for naming.
    Master naming is disabled if Multi Encoder is selected, please configure naming per-encoder instead.
    REMOVED master DSP settings, please configure DSP per-encoder instead.
    If you used one of these features, your configuration will be updated on first run to comply - master naming to encoder naming, master DSPs moved to encoder DSPs. Your profiles should continue to work as they did before.
    ID Tag Processing DSP: 'delete all' and 'all except' actions are removed for file naming processing.
    Tag editor: When searching album art from internet, track title is used if album title is not known.
    File naming dialog no longer shows [origxxx] elements if invoked by CD Ripper.
    New Low Pass filter code, does not attenuate lower frequencies.
    New DSP effects: Highpass, Bandpass Filter
    Updated WavPack to 5.4.0
    Dynamic Naming dialog now correctly inserts new tags at cursor position
    ID Tag Processing: cleaned up tag field list, made sorted
    CD Ripper: New Multi Encoder entries have "use parent settings" naming by default.
    CD Ripper: New Multi Encoder entries use default CD Ripper naming pattern by default.
    CD Ripper: Added 'Catalog *' to add-new-tag dropdown.
    CD Ripper: Added secure option to mark track as error 'if not verified by accuraterip'.
    Fixed a bug preventing DSD files from being tagged if created by CD Ripper.
    Fixed duplication of album art on MP3 files having both ID3v2 and APE tags.
    Fixed Multi Encoder file naming possibly not respecting ID Tag Processing DSP.

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    Re: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows & OSX]

    Release 17.4 Windows

    Dropping files or folders onto the control center opens converter / batch converter
    ANSI characters only in filename - more comprehensive list of preservations when converting accented characters to ansi (cross platform)

    CoreConverter: Fixed incorrect stamping of dbpoweramp version over encoder fields when encoding to audio info etc

    CD Ripper & ID Tag Editor: scan album art - option to choose scanner
    CD Ripper & ID Tag Editor: hides when scanning album art as often the scanner window would show behind window

    CD Ripper - metadata saved to cache when clicking rip
    CD Ripper: manual metadata page does not show artist on the track listing if matches the album artist
    CD Ripper: discogs, able to read disc entries which have no tracks (as classical movement releases)
    CD Ripper: using gnudb.gnudb.org as freedb replacement, submissions enabled again
    CD Ripper: track type removed as metadata provider

    m4a tags: Lyricist no longer written as @aud as nothing uses that
    m4a fdk new version 2.0.2
    FLAC added seek table writing

    Bug Fix: File Naming could change filename characters such as to 1/2
    Bug Fix: DSD 512 bug - could not decode to 96KHz
    Bug Fix: CD Ripper: any encoder or effect relying on gapless details or indexes could previously not function correctly.
    Bug Fix: CD Ripper: Fixed column widths not being properly remembered (column adjustments were reverted on meta lookup etc)
    Bug Fix: certain formats when editing id tags, replacing the album art would not replace, instead would leave old album art
    Bug Fix: CD Ripper gap removal DSP effect working
    Bug Fix: Batch Converter would clear existing file selections when creating new profiles.
    Bug Fix: Would not rip straight to Opus

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    Re: dBpoweramp R17 [Windows & OSX]

    Release 17.5 OSX

    Bug Fix: Resampler could crash on Apple M1
    Re-added missing fields in ID Tag Processing.
    Improved ReplayGain scanning performance.
    Improved resampling performance.
    Mac system proxy (HTTP proxy only) settings are now respected if not specifically configured to access the internet over proxy.
    Changed proxy server detection to be consistent with Windows dBpoweramp: button to copy system proxy settings.
    Increased open file handle limit to mitigate possible bad behavior with large conversion batches or multiple concurrent conversions.
    Added debug code to troubleshoot problems with saving of external album covers. Additional info lines will be shown in ripping log.
    Prevented certain DSPs from being added more than once.
    Remove newly added DSP if dismissed its settings dialog with an esc key.
    Can now copy messages with cmd+c in conversion info/error log window.
    Made possible to reorder DSPs with drag&drop.
    Cleaned up overwrite prompt dialog, allowed multi selection, changed 'overwrite' button title depending on whether file name conflicts still exist.
    Can now open files (or folders in Batch Converter) by dragging them from Finder into dBpoweramp launcher window.
    Added option not to save file selection with Batch Converter profiles.
    Added explicit fix for back slashes in file naming patterns; file naming patterns copied from Windows should work properly now.
    Updated ANSI file naming sanitization rules.

    Added writing of seek tables to encoded FLAC files.
    Updated FDK AAC to 2.0.2.
    M4A tags: Lyricist no longer written as @aut as nothing uses that.

    CD Ripper: Now using gnudb.org as freedb data provider. Enabled freedb submission feature.
    CD Ripper: Discogs bug fixes.
    CD Ripper: Fixed rare crash when ejecting CD.
    CD Ripper: Fixed wrong album art shown after manual meta search.
    CD Ripper: Added debug logging of Manual Meta Search.
    CD Ripper: fixed CD gap info not being fed to remove gaps DSP.
    CD Ripper: fixed blank "Track Technical" column (now shows info where appropriate, such as HDCD or pre-emphasis).
    CD Ripper: added "Gap (Pre-Track)" column.
    CD Ripper: Removed obsolete TrackType metadata provider.

    Fixed incorrect behaviors of Edit ID Tags with album art in some scenarios.
    Fixed decoding of DSD512.
    Fixed crash when encoding WAVE files on Apple Silicon CPU.
    Fixed incorrect info fed to [Audio Info] utility codec, current dBpoweramp version was shown as the encoding tool for some files.
    Fixed blank content of "Compression" column in Batch Converter.
    Fixed bugs with MusicBrainz and Discogs meta lookup over proxy.
    Fixed poor performance of Volume Normalize effect in "Adaptive: peak to peak" mode.

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