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Thread: Software Incompatible With Microstf/Dell Update

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    Software Incompatible With Microstf/Dell Update

    I recently updated my Microsoft PC via the Dell update system . As soon as the update happened it told me the update of a Killer App (used for monitoring PC performance and download speeds ) was incompatible with the ripper software . This meant the software simply stopped working . I restored my computer to a time before the update and the software still did not work. I then deleted the "Killer" software and the ripper started working again .
    Has anyone else noticed this and when will it be safe to click the update button with my Dell PC ?
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    Re: Software Incompatible With Microstf/Dell Update

    The issue seems to be this 'killer app', if it is removed you can update your computer without issues (these apps put themselves between other apps and the computer, which is not good).

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    Re: Software Incompatible With Microstf/Dell Update

    I have a new Dell laptop and an older Dell laptop. Both have all updates installed and I have no issues with dbpoweramp. All works properly.

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