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Thread: wav vs mp3 file creation order difference

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    wav vs mp3 file creation order difference

    Good Evening,

    It seems like the dbpoweramp mp3 converter may be randomizing the "date created" order of the tracks I feed it.

    Tracks are created as wav
    wav are converted to ALAC in dbpoweramp for lossless archive
    metadata is edited (iTunes script)
    ALAC are converted to mp3 in dbpoweramp and put on a usb drive

    Files appear in the correct order in the browser when sorted by name (all start with "01 xxxx", "02 xxxxx" etc), files all have correct track order as well. However, mp3 files appear in a seemingly random order when sorted by date created, whereas the ALAC files (also created by dbpoweramp) appear in the correct order.

    This appears to be the root of the reason the mp3 files play back out-of-order when plugged into a car on via usb drive.

    Is there any software preference to keep things in order?


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    Re: wav vs mp3 file creation order difference

    You would need TuneFUSION to have the correct order on a car. USB normally uses FAT32 and the order is not creation date, but internally in the TOC.

    However if you want to continue as you are, include the DSP effects 'multi-cpu force' set to 1 cpu.

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