I am still in my evaluation period and there is one problem that keeps returning: the control point loses the connection to Asset, and after a while it reminds it.

I have seen some other threads on this forum signalling the same problem, but not a solution.

- Control point: Naim app
- Asset V6.5 on Synology
- Synology hard wired to router
- Naim streamer hard wired to router
- App on iPhone through WiFi

The Naim app sees the server, you select something and it will play.
After a while, you like to select something else and you cannot find anything beyond what the app has cached. You get a spinning wheel in the app.
The streamers still plays, and asset is still running on the synology.

It seems to be an Asset / Naim app interaction problem. It is only Asset, the Synology media server running in parallel is still browsable at the same time. Can it be something concerning the SSDP service? I donít know if there is an interval with which asset makes itself known again and then the app picks it up again?

Is there something I can do to investigate this? It is annoying. I really like Asset, but if this persists it makes it a less enjoyable experience.