I have installed the trial version of Asset on my Synology and I am really liking it so far. I have started to tweak the browse tree.
However, I see things in the tree which is not documented in the documentation ( https://www.dbpoweramp.com/asset-upnp-linuxmanual.htm ):
  • In the audio format streaming, there is an option 'Increase to 24-bit'. I guess it is an upsampling option? But that is a guess. What does it do?
  • In the 'edit browse tree' page there are options which I do not understand and which is missing from the documentation:
    • The menu-item 'Additional'. What is it used for?
    • Can I filter an item in the tree? For instance, if I use 'Genre' as the main entry, can I filter it to select 'Classical' automatically, so the genre item will always be used for classical? I managed to create a subtree with several browsing options under genre, like orchestra, composer, conductor and it all works really well. Not having to select 'classical' first would be nice.
    • The 'Dynamic Browsing' and 'Playlists' items have several entries underneath with start with a [+]. What is the behaviour that several [+] items under a menu item invoke? I cannot relate the menu tree to what I see in the UPnP controller app I use.