Iím having multiple issues with R6.x and scanning.

Historically Iíve run Asset with minimal if any issues on a QNAP HS-251+ from R4 through to R6.4.

The first issue occurred when R6.4 Registered started showing an Eval browse tree.

On re-installing R6.4 Registered when the scanning got to about 65,000 tracks it would freeze the QNAP.

Iíve now installed R6.4 and 6.3 on a TVS-871 and still having issues.

Iíve now removed R6 form the TVS-871, restarting the box and will try R5.1.1 overnight.

Full history:
HS-251+ with two 6TB drives mirrored, 2GB of memory. Unit has been kept up to date on a monthly basis with QNAP and Asset upgrades. On 20Dec19 I upgraded this 6.4 Registered.
Late last week, w/c 27Jan, I think Thursday or Friday when I went to browse from both Win 10 PC and the Naim app I was getting prompts that it was the eval edition. I checked the qpkg files I had downloaded and none were eval.

Uninstalled Asset, restarted the NAS and re-installed a fresh download of the 6.4 Registered qprg.

Configured Asset with shares, playlist, transcoding settings. Edited browse tree to add New Albums and Recent Albums and copied over upstream artwork for navigation graphics.

Set the indexing going and all was fine until it reached 65,000 tracks and then stalled. NAS froze and became unresponsive. A three second reset did not resolve the issue and a ten second reset was then performed and Asset reinstalled.

Indexing set off with the same config, which I have used for the last years and has caused no issues with any upgrade from R4 onwards.

Again, gets to 65,000 and unit becomes unresponsive.

Left this yesterday to come to it fresh today, and, thinking it was an issue with the HS-251+ installed Asset R6.4 Registered on a TVS-871 with 8GB of memory. Other services are running on this but at time of install memory is 30pc used so more available memory than the HS-251+.

Installed Asset, used the same config and folder paths, amended for slightly changed location. I sync the music library between the two devices via Dropbox and QNAPs HBS. This has run without issue for the last year or two.

Scanning gets to 65,000 and significantly slows down, takes ages to reach 66,000 and during this time memory is seen to be peaking at 80-85pc usage. NAS starts becoming slow to respond. Start to shut down other services, to free up memory. Scanning remains at 66,000 and memory usage continues to increase to 98pc despite additional memory being made available due to closing other services.

System doesnít freeze but is slow to respond. Thankfully sufficient CPU/Memory headroom to stop the Asset service.

Uninstalled Asset, restarted the NAs.

Installed Asset 6.3 Registered.

Did the transcoding and minor config, did not amend browse tree and left one folder off of the scanned folders on the basis this may reduce the total number of file to below 65,000.

Scanning started OK and then got progressively slower. Reached 56,000 after nearly five hours! From memory the full library of about 80,000 tracks used to scan within the hour.

As above, Iíve now uninstalled R6.3 and will try R5. Iím clueless as to whatís going on given this has run for years without issue. The only recent change has been from R6.3 to R6.4 and QNAP OS updates.

I canít imagine my library is excessively large.

Any suggestions?