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Thread: Jukebox Album selection/sorting on Synology

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    Jukebox Album selection/sorting on Synology


    I just bought a Synology NAS (running DSM 5.2-5967 Update 9) and installed Asset R6.4 (registered) on it, but have two questions about Jukebox Album selection.

    1. When I initially installed and configured Asset, and then chose (from an Onkyo TX-8140 network receiver) Genre:Classical:Jukebox Album Selection, I was presented with a list of just 10 albums. I have thousands of "albums" in my classical collection (where an "album" equates to a "work" as in the "album" of Beethoven Symphony *5 (four movements)). Anyway, no matter what I did, Asset would only return 10 albums. On a lark, I changed the configuration "Dynamic Playlist Item Count" from the default of 100 to 400. Now Asset is returning 40 albums! So, other than the obvious deduction that the Dynamic Playlist number, when divided by 10, gives you the number of albums that Asset will return for a Jukebox Album selection...is this how it's supposed to work?

    2. And, the list of "jukebox" albums that are returned are always alphabetized, which is totally weird. It means that all "Concertos" that happen to be in the list play one after the other, while all the "Symphonies" that are in the list also play one after the other. I like my Classical random listening to be a bit more random! Does Asset alphabetize a Jukebox Album selection playlist before handing off to the player? Is there a setting that will truly randomize the playlist?

    In general, there seems to be very little documentation that I can find on DLNA that describes the interaction between, in this case, Asset and my Onkyo receiver when it comes specifically to "Random" and "Repeat" functions.

    The receiver has a "random" button. Would that randomize the list Asset returns?


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    Re: Jukebox Album selection/sorting on Synology

    This is correct the album count returned is that number / 10.

    Asset does not sort the returned list, your control point (or player) will be doing so, for me the list is unsorted and random.

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