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    Question Text document

    After ripping a CD I find a text file in that folder giving details on the ripping process. Is there any way I can turn that off?

    I'm not interested in that info so have to delete it in every folder. I'd also like to stop the .jpg album cover from being added to the folder if there's a setting for that. Thanks.

    Larry Davis

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    Re: Text document

    Have a look at the CD Ripper Options:

    -> Secure Settings -> Write To File

    -> Meta Data & ID Tag - Options -> Write to [output folder]\

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Text document

    CD Ripper >> Options button >> CD Ripper options >> secure settings

    right at the bottom you need to switch off the log writing.

    The art options is:

    CD Ripper >> Options button >> metadata and id tags

    right at the top

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    Re: Text document

    Thanks for the help. Those instructions did the job.

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