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Thread: same album, different versions

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    same album, different versions

    Hi all,

    new here, so excuse any errors or omissions.

    Using dBpoweramp CD ripper in Mac OS environment.

    I have an LP sourced from 4 original formats, but they are the same "product" -all of which I'd like to gather up and dump onto a NAS player HDD.

    So I have: (same title)
    original LP, mono, ripped from vinyl.
    original LP, stereo, ripped from vinyl.
    CD reissue, mono ready to rip.
    CD reissue, stereo, ready to rip.

    Where I have a problem is that once the first session has ripped, then saved to Mac folder of choice, any subsequent additions are merely regarded as "overwrites".

    For now, I think I could include some description in the titles, so as to differentiate between them, or perhaps go with disk 1 of 4 option, if that could work.
    I did consider simply numbering the various rips, 1 to 4.

    Before I go down the wrong path here, has anyone else out there had this problem??

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    Re: same album, different versions

    You would set each Album title to include the disc type such as (mono)

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