I am having problems converting some high-res audio music to lossy for portable use (iPhone and USB). I recall reading an old post on the Music Converter forum that this was to be expected with dbPoweramp products, but I just wanted to confirm that I've got this right. I can convert these files with Foobar and there is no problem, but I can't use TuneFusion to convert them, it results in white noise only so I am limited to selecting CD rip flacs from my library and manually transferring Foobar converted files for the rest (5.1 flacs, wav, dts, dsf or any 24bit tracks). If this is the case then TuneFusion will not provide the one stop solution I was looking for in managing audio from my master lossless high quality library down to portable devices.

I doubt that I am the only one facing this issue and wondered if I am missing something. I would appreciate your comments.