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Thread: Tune Fusion with Carplay and file types

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    Re: Tune Fusion with Carplay and file types

    Quote Originally Posted by Oggy View Post
    Absolutely delighted how simple re-arranging the order of written tracks is with TuneFUSION and intuitive enough that it only took a quick play to enable this. The tracks are now written in the correct order, so the Pioneer actually plays albums as expected. Real shame that it doesn't support gapless playback, but both issues are poor implementation by Pioneer.
    Most car units simply play the files in the order presented, as you have experienced. Gapless playback requires a read ahead function, and isn&*8217;t something car units typically support across the board.

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    Re: Tune Fusion with Carplay and file types

    Quote Originally Posted by Oggy View Post
    I used batch converter to move FLAC files to USB sticks, embedding the art at a maximum of 600 x 600 KB and 250 file size. This works very well on my Pioneer car unit except for the track order occasionally going astray.

    Edit. Via the USB stick FLAC files including hi-res work fine on the Pioneer, BUT, it doesn't seem to do gapless...

    Spoon mentioned that TuneFUSION can be used to keep the tracks in the correct order, which to me makes it a very valuable, if not essential tool.
    Oh, I didn't know that. I have been using a freeware tool called DriveSort to do that. I'll go back and take a look at TuneFUSION's options again.

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