I've got artist art (not album art) in the png format which is too big, so I'm considering to do a lossy compression of those files. From what I understand this makes the files non-standard, since png is normally lossless. Nevertheless, lossy png's is not uncommon and seem to work well in web browsers.

I've been trying out a few apps to do the compression, but with mixed results - they seem to compress differently and also apply transparency differently. In my limited testing it seems to be a hit & miss of using the right combo of writer & reader. A common problem is that transparent files sometimes get a coloured background, and it seems that the writer or lack of support in the reader could be the cause of this.

I've tested with a few lossy png's in Asset and so far they show up correctly, but I need to do more testing to learn which apps produce high quality, small size png's that work universally.

My questions here:

1. Are there any known issues with lossy png in Asset? Since this is artist art stored in Asset's own database, have you experienced any problems indexing certain lossy png's?

2. I presume Asset sends png's "as is" to the CP (Asset Control in my case), which then also has to support lossy png's?

3. Can Image Converter compress lossy png's? I haven't had time to check that out yet, too busy with other apps at the moment.