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Thread: Forgotten PIN code

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    Forgotten PIN code

    How do I reset the PIN code to access configuration settings? I just updated to 6.4 on Qnap and appear to have forgotten the PIN code I had set for the configuration webpage.

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    Re: Forgotten PIN code

    The easy way: uninstalling and reinstalling clears all configuration data, including PIN.

    The hard way:
    SSH into your QNAP - refer to QNAP documentation for details if you have not done this before.
    Locate PIN.txt file in Asset settings-
    find /share | fgrep PIN.txt
    It should print the location of your PIN.txt file, such as:
    Delete the file:
    rm /share/CE_CACHEDEV3_DATA/.qpkg/Asset/data/.dBpoweramp/uMediaLibrary-v4/PIN.txt
    Substitute the above /share/... path with the path returned by find.
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    Re: Forgotten PIN code

    I think Ill take the easy route! Thanks!

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    Re: Forgotten PIN code

    I have run into this same issue but I am on Synology. I want to take the Putty SSH approach as I am failure comfortable in the Linux shell commands. However, I have no idea where the Asset UPnP files are located. Assistance would be appreciated in getting info on the path I need to follow and if I need to delete the same PIN.txt file to clear my previous pin.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Forgotten PIN code

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    Re: Forgotten PIN code

    I would do that if I could get back into config, but since I forgot my Pin I can not do that.
    I traced down two different paths where I encountered Asset in the linux shell, however no luck finding the PIN.txt doc

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    Re: Forgotten PIN code

    Nevermind, I just dug a little deeper through one of those paths and found what I needed! The info provided for the previous user on the QNAP provided the last bit of info I needed

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