Hi, hoping for some help please...

I use a number of custom tags and often have multiple values in these tags separated by a semi-colon and all works fine.

I am converting some of my files and want to be able to do two things in one operation (two or more if necessary) if possible.......


I want to map the values of one of these custom tags (A) to a brand new custom tag (B), this should be straight forward using the mapping tab in converter (Tag B may contain multiple values separated by semi-colon)


Subsequently I want to be able to append the values of other custom tags (C),(D)etc (again these tags may also contain multiple values separated by semi-colons)to the new custom tag (B) created in point 1

I've tried playing with rule manipulation to achieve point 2 but can't seem to get the results I want which I think may be due to the tags having multiple values?

Any guidance much appreciated