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Thread: Raspberry Asset 6.3 Scan all

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    Raspberry Asset 6.3 Scan all


    I have upgraded to Asset 6.3 on a clean install and if I do reboot, I have to run "rescan folders detecting changes" as "rescan all" does not detect any media.

    I do not "think" I have an install issue but am not sure if this could be a bug.


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    Re: Raspberry Asset 6.3 Scan all

    Thanks for your feedback.
    Why do you need to manually rescan the in first place? Is your library empty after each reboot?

    In order to extract diagnostic info, please enable debug logging in settings, perform the problematic actions ('rescan all' which finds nothing), then email the media library log file to peter@dbpoweramp.com for analysis.
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    Re: Raspberry Asset 6.3 Scan all

    Hi Spoon

    I have Asset installed in this directory:


    I have it pointing to this that points to my external library


    Where is the database stored of the music for Asset?


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    Re: Raspberry Asset 6.3 Scan all

    Asset's database information is stored under ~/.dBpoweramp, which in your case evaluates to /home/pi/.dBpoweramp

    Do you still need to hit rescan commands on startup? I have not received a debug log (library log, not UPnP log) of unsuccessful rescan run from you.

    Also, "rescan all" is more thorough, basically recreates the database from scratch - it would be more likely that "rescan folders detecting changes" misses something.

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    Re: Raspberry Asset 6.3 Scan all

    Hi Peter

    I noticed when I looked for a solution for this issue, that I had already inquired about this and did not send the debug log.
    I will reboot it and get you the log.

    What is the name of the database file This is all that is in the directory you indicated. What permissions should this directory have?
    Yes I have to rescan after startup.


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    Re: Raspberry Asset 6.3 Scan all

    Hello again

    I started changing a few things and somehow I lost the ability to find my library.

    My Fstab is this:
    proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
    PARTUUID=8c1d116c-01 /boot vfat defaults 0 2
    PARTUUID=8c1d116c-02 / ext4 defaults,noatime 0 1
    // /home/pi/DLNA cifs guest, 0 0, vers=3.0

    If I run sudo mount -a
    I get a parse error in line 5

    Help please.

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