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Thread: Asset Misses Tracks

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    Oct 2019

    Asset Misses Tracks

    Running latest Assest on QNAP HS251.
    I'm streaming from a Linn DSM.

    When using the Linn Control App I choose the album I want and Play.
    A new playlist is created for the album, with all tracks in the correct order.
    All good so far.

    For some reason the playback skips the first track and starts playing track 2.
    It sometimes then randomly misses out other tracks during playback.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Asset Misses Tracks

    Perhaps QNAP hdd drive is shutting down? and is not ready when asked for file?

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    Aug 2018

    Re: Asset Misses Tracks

    We had the same (similar) problem with Naim in early 2019
    Naim fixed it with a change in the app

    I could only replicate the problem when playing an album from Folder Filename Browsing
    Artist , Album, Composer & other browsing was all OK (for me)
    Last edited by Mike-B; 10-29-2019 at 05:20 AM.

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    Oct 2019

    Re: Asset Misses Tracks

    Tried it with Bubbles and it seems fine.
    Looks like it might be the Linn App.

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