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Thread: PerfectTUNES MP3 id tag version

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    PerfectTUNES MP3 id tag version


    I have problem: I'm updating tags in Perfect Tunes and then importing the tracks to my iTunes library. iTunes can't read the tags for some reason though - it can only see the id3 v1.1 tags which results in incomplete tags. I'm guessing it must have something to do with the tag version.

    So which tag versions does Perfect Tunes support or save the files into? I can't find any info on the tag version inside the program.

    //Update: I found out the files have only id3 v1.1 tags and APE tags so I would have to find a way to convert the APE to id3 v2 tags somehow...
    //Update 2: I found another app that can copy ape tags to idv2 tags so problem solved for now. But it could be a good feature if Perfect Tunes could show the version and/or convert tags between different formats.
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    Re: PerfectTUNES MP3 id tag version

    dBpoweramp can update the ID Tags, there is a utility codec called 'Update ID Tags' which when files are converted to this utility codec the ID tags are re-written.

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    Re: PerfectTUNES MP3 id tag version

    That utility is only for Windows, it seems. Forgot to mention I'm running dbPoweramp on Mac. Now I noticed the batch converter actually shows the ID tag version, which is helpful. Anyway, thanks for a really great program. dbPoweramp is one the few apps I've actually paid for.

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