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Thread: Look of CD ripper

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    Look of CD ripper

    I have been a registered user for many years but I am disappointed that the user interface for the CD ripper has never been improved. The reaction you get is that you have no idea of what to do. So I never use it. As far as ripping, nothing beats "MediaMonkey" with a very pleasing interface where you feel comfortable. Plus you are asking for a lot more money for the Reference version with still no improvement in the looks of the interface. Perhaps no one has complained. I never complained but just never used it. I really just use the converter and nothing else. For video conversion, you can't beat Handbrake with a very nice interface because I only use mp4's which has been free. There is no way I would pay for the Reference version just for multiple core, if not for the simple fact I don't really use it that often. It is just too much for the upgrade. I do have several computers and I am not paying extra for multiple users. However, I have been very happy with the converter and no complaints there. It comes in handy sometimes. I guess sometimes you can't please everyone. Thanks for providing for the converter.

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    Re: Look of CD ripper

    >The reaction you get is that you have no idea of what to do.

    CD Ripper is a technical program, there are plenty of iTunes style rippers out there where you can configure nothing, and there is one rip button. Lucky CD Ripper is not this.

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