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Thread: QNAP R6.3 Premium Server Not Visible

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    QNAP R6.3 Premium Server Not Visible

    Hi Spoon,

    Sorry for the barrage of posts.
    I just purchased AUPNP for my QNAP 870 pro (x86 not ARM). I uninstalled R6.2 trial and installed R6.3 premium per the given instructions.
    Unfortunately none of my devices can see the R6.3 server to connect to it now.
    Tried restarting NAS, enabling/disabling instance, making new instance, restarted app from QTS dashboard, restarting from within AUPNP, restarting home devices, checked .qpkg folder was deleted (through SSH) before installing R6.3 etc. Music path and config has been setup as before in R6.2
    R6.3 runs, i can see that from the main interface web page just nothing can see the server

    Since im going away for a month tomorrow i've had to uninstall R6.3 and reinstall R6.2 trial pkg for the wife to use
    R6.2 is immediately discovered by all home devices and now declares me a premium customer in the web interface (not sure how)

    FYI I'm running most up to date QNAP firmware QTS

    Any ideas?
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