My primary CD ripping set-up is an OWC LG DVD/CD drive using dbpoweramp to rip directly to my ThunderBay hard drive, ALAC format. I do 95% of my CD rips with this setup. However, I occasionally get inaccurate rips on the LG drive, so I have an alternative dbpoweramp setup on a 2009 iMac, using the iMac internal drive, ripping to WAV and saving to my ThunderBay over my home network. I'll then use Music Converter to encode to ALAC when I'm back on my normal setup.

Just for kicks, I decided to rip a track and encode to ALAC using each of the two setups, and discovered that, even though I got accurate rips from both methods, the volume on the track ripped on the LG drive is tangibly higher than the track ripped on the 2009 iMac and saved over the network. Given that both rips were accurate, why would this be?