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Thread: Mqa

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    Will mqa aka master quality authenticated get added to the codec central list eventually?

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    Re: Mqa

    Aside the controversial discaussion about the sound quality, a MQA codec would have to be licensed from MQA Ltd. Do we need another lossy codec we have to pay for on top?

    Dat Ei

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    Re: Mqa

    I do not understand how this would work. I understand that there are MQA CDs available. I am told that If one rips those to lossless (FLAC etc.), then plays the lossless through an MQA capable player, the player will do the MQA unfolding etc. no special codec needed. If you are talking about CONVERTING a nonMQA file to MQA, obviously that is impossible (similar to the impossibility of turning a 16/44.1 file into a true 24/192 file via conversion.

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