EAC 1.3, for the most part, works for me. I can edit metadata, submit it, and rip discs. However, when I try to submit AccurateRip results, EAC hangs infinitely at the "Submitting results..." point in the log. I have a 25mbps upload speed here at home, there's only 5 discs with 88 tracks it's trying to submit, and I've made sure my firewall is allowing EAC through. However, the CDDB.sdf file is 20.1MB. I've had this database file since May 2008. Is it possible this file could be corrupted in some way? If so, is there a way to repair it?
More evidence of this: When I select the "Import Database" option in EAC, EAC just force closes without error.

If there isn't a way to do this, is just simply deleting the CDDB.sdf file safe while EAC is closed? Do I need to delete the AccurateRip cache too? Does deleting the CDDB.sdf file prevent me from being able to upload AccurateRip results anyway? And does this CDDB.sdf even affect AccurateRip uploads at all and am I just imagining things?

Really appreciate your help on this. Regards,