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Thread: Convert to H.265 will not work for any videos I try, H264 however will. Glitch?

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    Exclamation Convert to H.265 will not work for any videos I try, H264 however will. Glitch?

    Hello. No matter what combination of settings I try, trying to convert my MakeMKV bluray rips into any type of H265 (MP4 or MKV) will NOT convert and will give me errors :(
    H264 however works. BUt I want the H265 codec.

    I've tried, changing up audio settings, changing speed from ultra fast to Very Slow and medium, changing quality, nothing works. I've been able to convert to H265 using Handbrake but not DBPoweramp (which is my favorite).

    Error converting to Matroska (HVEC H265), 'F:\MovieDB\Testing.mkv' to 'Z:\Testing.mkv'
    x265 [info]: HEVC encoder version 2.6+37-1949157705ce
    x265 [info]: build info [Windows][GCC 7.2.0][64 bit] 8bit+10bit
    x265 [info]: using cpu capabilities: MMX2 SSE2Fast LZCNT SSSE3 SSE4.2 AVX FMA3 BMI2 AVX2
    x265 [info]: Main profile, Level-4 (Main tier)
    x265 [info]: Thread pool 0 using 32 threads on numa nodes 0
    x265 [info]: Slices : 1
    x265 [info]: frame threads / pool features : 4 / wpp(34 rows)
    x265 [info]: Coding QT: max CU size, min CU size : 32 / 16
    x265 [info]: Residual QT: max TU size, max depth : 32 / 1 inter / 1 intra
    x265 [info]: ME / range / subpel / merge : dia / 57 / 0 / 2
    x265 [info]: Keyframe min / max / scenecut / bias: 23 / 250 / 0 / 5.00
    x265 [info]: Lookahead / bframes / badapt : 5 / 3 / 0
    x265 [info]: b-pyramid / weightp / weightb : 1 / 0 / 0
    x265 [info]: References / ref-limit cu / depth : 1 / off / off
    x265 [info]: AQ: mode / str / qg-size / cu-tree : 1 / 0.0 / 32 / 1
    x265 [info]: Rate Control / qCompress : CRF-51.0 / 0.60
    x265 [info]: tools: rd=2 psy-rd=2.00 early-skip rskip tmvp fast-intra
    x265 [info]: tools: strong-intra-smoothing lslices=6 deblock
    x265 [info]: frame I: 12, Avg QP:51.00 kb/s: 460.45
    x265 [info]: frame P: 754, Avg QP:51.00 kb/s: 103.14
    x265 [info]: frame B: 2187, Avg QP:51.00 kb/s: 46.46
    x265 [info]: consecutive B-frames: 2.5% 2.3% 2.3% 92.8%

    I've tried this on a whole bunch of test files and each and everyone fails when trying to convert to H265.

    I've got Windows 10 64-bit Pro, AMD Ryzen 1950x Threadripper, I just don't get it. Handbrake will convert to H265 but DBPoweramp won't. Help? I was testing this software out because i want to buy it. I'm a huge fan of the Audio version of DBPoweramp so that's what got me into trying out the video converter version.

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    Re: Convert to H.265 will not work for any videos I try, H264 however will. Glitch?

    It is not actually an error, just an information line, your video files is converted, the next update will remove this.

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