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Thread: Converting from Flac files to AIFF

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    Converting from Flac files to AIFF

    I can't convert from FLAC to AIFF on my Mac when I filter. Couldn't it say "Convert these Flac files (but keep originals as is intact and saved just as they are) to AIFF on this Mac, and put them into 'documents'. In other words, you'd end up with 2 sets of lossless files. 1)the external drive you've always had and cherished AND 2) the new set of AIFF files of the same library on a MAC computer. So much work has already gone into correct conversion from CD to Flac with correct tags, artwork, etc. that I must have a more sure guarantee of what I am doing. Please understand this is nothing personal. In the filter section, it doesn't say ALAC, it say's AiAC. What is AiAC?

    I just had a thought that I may not be reading between the lines. I think I get it now.
    I can convert from Flac to Flac. then whatever in tunes.
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    Re: Converting from Flac files to AIFF

    Open batch converter, for filter choose just flax. Select the audio on you external drive. Choose convert, (make sure no dap effects are listed)set output to as &*8216;preserve source path&*8217;, choose your documents folder and click convert.

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    Re: Converting from Flac files to AIFF


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