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Thread: File naming help needed

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    File naming help needed

    Hi all.

    When I'm ripping multiple disc sets, I'd like my files to be named with a double digit for the disc number, followed by a hyphen & the track number, but I'm not sure how to do it.

    Here's a screenshot of my current settings:
    Screenshot 2019-07-04 09.12.57.jpg

    I need to add the hyphen in, which is no problem, and of course I can go in afterwards & batch rename the files, but that's a pain to have to do a lot.

    I get that when I rip, say, a 15 disc set, it will be a double digit number from 10 awards, but I just think it's tidier to say 01, 02 etc. before that.

    Is there a way to achieve this?


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    Re: File naming help needed

    In CD Ripper: Menu >> CD Ripper Options >> Meta Data & ID Tag Options and enable the Pad disc number to 2 digits (ie 01) option.

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    Re: File naming help needed

    Thanks, that's perfect!

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