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Thread: Restricted characters in logfile path

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    Restricted characters in logfile path

    Hi, I've used the restricted characters option to replace : with - . So if an album title contains a : , it will replace the : with a - for the folder with the ripped music files. But it creates a different folder for the log file with the : replaced by a ; . Can I change the settings so that the log file is in the same folder as the music. I've searched the forum but I can't see this query coming up previously.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Restricted characters in logfile path

    It looks like an oversight in the program, will add to the 'to fix list'

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    Re: Restricted characters in logfile path

    Thanks very much. I will just edit the album names manually before I rip. I thought I might have missed a setting I could change.

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