Dear Fellow music lovers and streamers,

I thought you might like to know my unbiased findings about Asset in use with a PC. I recently completed a rather comprehensive test of different music servers on a PC. We Asset users are truly fortunate. I found Asset to be the most stable of the softwares I tested and the best music folder/file scanner of FLAC files/Folders. In fact, one of the most touted newer software wonders erred in not scanning about 700 albums out of about 9,500 albums while Asset scanned all non-corrupt albums properly. Asset is also relatively easy to use and relatively inexpensive to acquire.

No, I do not work in any way with the Illustrate folks, but I do love my digital music and I have found for the last several years that Asset is my proven best server for use with a PC and the support available is superior to other support.

Thank you Spoon and fellow music lovers for maintaining the very excellent quality of Asset in our world of constantly changing software.

Just my two cents,