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Thread: New User: CD Ripping for archiving and use on Media Streamer

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    New User: CD Ripping for archiving and use on Media Streamer


    I just procured the dbpoweramp software. Basically, I want to rip all my CD collection (Wav, MP3 etc) so that I can archive them and use it on my Nvidia Shield Media Streamer and Kodi.

    Need help on the following queries:
    1. How do I rip so that I get the best quality output? (settings please)
    2. How do I maintain the same Folder Structure as it is on the CD example: C:\Music\[CD Album Name\ Track01 [or Name of Song].MP3
    Currently when I rip I get the Artist Name folder and the audio files under this folder. I want the same structure as on the CD.
    3. How do I rip multiple CD Sets to the same folder and have all the gongs from all the sets in a single folder


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    Re: New User: CD Ripping for archiving and use on Media Streamer

    Make sure you review these sites:

    1. When ripping to FLAC or WAV (or any lossless) the key is what metadata you want saved (tags). The audio will be bit perfect in any case. For mp3, it depends what you want. You can set the bitrate target using the LAME codec to whatever you want (0 to the most compressed). For mp3, I use LAME V-2 for a good compromise on size vs sound (~192 kbps). And this is probably overkill. Keep in mind that I have FLAC lossless for my archive so can always easily create new mp3 files from the FLAC files at any size I want.

    2. & 3. In the dynamic naming string section (lower left of ripper screen, click SET next to the naming row then remove what is there and paste in the following (be sure to remove any trailing spaces after the last [] in the string).

    [MAXLENGTH]240,[IFCOMP]Compilations\[album]\[IFMULTI]\[disc][].[track] - [title] - [artist][][IF!COMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][]\[album]\[IFMULTI]\[disc][].[track] - [title][][]


    a. above string assumes you are on windows. if on a Mac, use forward slash (/) instead of backslash.
    b. If you prefer your compilation CDs (various artists, soundtracks, etc.) to appear in a directory called "Various Artists" instead of "Compilations" then simply replace "Compilations" in the string with "Various Artists" (without the quotes)
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    Re: New User: CD Ripping for archiving and use on Media Streamer

    Thanks Gary. This helps. Will test this out further.

    Meanwhile, I insert and MP3 CD into the drive for rippping to my harddisk. All other softwares (itunes, explorer, windows media player) can read the new MP3 CD and play it. However dbpoweramp says Īnsert Audio CD into..."and does not display the files on the CD for ripping.
    Any idea? Thanks.

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    Re: New User: CD Ripping for archiving and use on Media Streamer

    CD Ripper rips red-book audio CDs (CD-DA) only.

    A disc containing files is not a CD-DA, rather a data disc (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R or DVD-RW).

    In your case the disc contains mp3 files. Try opening the disc in Windows File Explorer, where you will be able to copy the files to your Music folder.

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