I bought this package today so I could process and join video files from my video camera, but it won't work for me.
No matter which codec or container type I try, I keep getting the same error. Even if I use the Matroska (no encoding copy) with audio stream copy 1:1, it dumps the same error.
I do see one forum post about this saying v1.6 fixes the issue, but that is the version I am running. I also installed the "additional codecs", but it still does this.
Can anyone help with this one?

Error converting to Matroska (copy, no encoding), 'E:\video-edit\mkv\00005.mkv; E:\video-edit\mkv\00006.mkv; E:\video-edit\mkv\00007.mkv; E:\video-edit\mkv\00008.mkv; E:\video-edit\mkv\00009.mkv' to 'E:\dvd-rip\00005.mkv'
[matroska @ 0000000000467740] No bmp codec tag found for codec ansi
Could not write header for output file *0 (incorrect codec parameters ?): Invalid argument