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Thread: For ripping errors - Consider Spoon's thread on CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List

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    For ripping errors - Consider Spoon's thread on CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List

    If you are getting too many errors like me,even on well-cared for CDs, please do read SPOON's thread titled CD/DVD Drive Accuracy List (the first "Sticky" one in CDRipper section).

    I had numerous errors while ripping quite a few Cds and unfortunately they happened to be my most favorite ones. I actually went and bought another CD by Bernstein so that I can have a good file(which I now will throw away along with my "bad" CD). Was disappointed when another one of my most favorite CDs (Kleiber-Beethoven 5Th Symphony) showed many errors on all tracks and wasted many hours re-ripping it. When I later read this thread by Spoon, I thought may be my DEll CD drive could be the culprit and not my CDs which were well cared for. I ordered the first one on the list.This made a huge difference in terms of speed and accuracy. Turned out my Kleiber CD was fine and has no errors and so was the case with a few others. (I have nothing against Dell not do I have any interest in IHAS or whatever that is... heard this name for the first time in my life).

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